Monday, November 12, 2001

Family History Radio

Splitrock Communications announces the introduction of Family History Radio for the Internet. "The number one online multimedia magazine for Family History"

Splitrock Communications announced that it will be launching an international Internet radio show focused on Family History, on November 20th 2001 at 6:00 PM Mountain Standard Time. will be available on line anytime there after 24 hours a day seven days a week "Our mission is to provide the genealogy community with the latest news, product developments, services and information in a format that can be heard and viewed at any time and virtually anyplace." States Al Jenson President of Splitrock Communications.

Family History Radio is backed with a select professional team of genealogy experts. This team will provide the necessary guidance, feedback and market information to stay abreast of the latest genealogical developments. The Family History News and production team consists of several professional broadcast professionals in radio and television to assure the highest production quality and value.

"Our Show consists of several key segments" states Steve Jensen Producer/director of the Family History Radio show, Steve goes on to state, "The primary section of our show is "headlines" that features the latest breaking news and developments. A condensation of genealogy news gathered from over the entire world. This is followed by "Tips and tricks" a brief section dedicated to teaching how to improve the Family History process. There will also be sections like "In the field" Where we will actually interview leaders and attendees of various family history shows and events. There will be a "Society Section" where a new Genealogical society is featured on a regular basis and "Ask a Pro" where listeners will get to ask a professional genealogists questions. The show will also include sections like "Tech Talk" with experts in the computer and biotech industry tell about technology and Family History. We even have a section dedicated to children, where Grandpa Tucket teaches about family values using his unusual animals as story tellers".

"Everyone we talk to is very excited about the potential of this show, so far we have had thousands of visitors to our site." States Al Jenson. "It will definitely provide a needed service to the genealogy community. We already have major companies and organizations backing us however we are always looking for more"

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