Tuesday, November 07, 2000

InGeneas Adds 40,000 New Records

Courtesy of Grace Jewell

Just received the following information from InGeneas, stating that they've very recently added another 40,000 new records.
  • 1901 Manitoba Census - Brandon District
  • 1901 Manitoba Census - Lisgar District
  • 1901 Ontario Census - Toronto City (partial)
  • 1901 Ontario Census - Kent County*
  • 1901 Ontario Census - Dundas County
  • 1831-1834 Seventeen new passenger manifests from Ireland to St. John, New Brunswick (Irish ports include: Londonderry; Ballyshannon; Sligo; Cork; Galway; and. Belfast)

    *Note: this is the southern portion of Kent County; the northern portion of
    Kent County was enumerated in the Bothwell Census District which is already included in the inGeneas Database.

    All these records can all be found in the
    inGeneas Database

    All new records are highlighted with "new" flags to the far right of every Search Results screen.

    All census records are extractions of those giving a place of birth outside of Canada (that is to say that no one born in Canada is included).