Friday, January 24, 2003

1906 Census of Manitoba, Saskatchewan & Alberta Released

The National Archives of Canada has just released the 1906 Canadian Census of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Like the 1901 Census it is searchable by area.

This information was obtained from the Global Gazette:
The press release from Canadian government ministers Allan Rock and Sheila Copps is loaded onto the Global Gazette website now. That press release has a link into the actual 1906 Canadian Census records online.
The link for the press release is
The link for Gordon Watts column of earlier this morning is at
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Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Saskatchewan and Its Peopleby John Hawkes. 1924 Book transcription and indicing project by Julia Adamson is underway.

Film T-5471 Report of Admissions at the Port of Gretna, Manitoba for the Month of April, 1910 transcribed by Jim Bundy and submitted to Sask Gen Web

Howard Family Tree and Autobiography of Ralph John Wesley Howard settlers in the North Bend District (Frenchman Butte area), which is just northeast of Lloydminster, Sk recently submitted by Patrick K. Best and Carol Vulliamy to the Lloydminster Gen Web

From: Julia Adamson, Saskatchewan GenWeb,