Wednesday, January 07, 1998

Scattering of Seeds: 13 Part Series on Canada's First Immigrants

If you subscribe to Canada's History Channel, watch out for the following series:
Scattering of Seeds -- This 13-part series profiles some of Canada's first immigrants and their triumphant tales. The opener tells the inspiring story of Russian Jews who overcame persecution in their homeland to find prosperity in Calgary. The family's contributions to Canada are impressive: Morris, one of Judah and Chasia Shumiatcher's 11 children, founded the Smithbilt Hat Company, makers of the official white cowboy hat used in the 1988 Calgary Olympics, while others became lawyers, filmmakers and scientists. Future episodes look at Ontario's Mennonites and Japanese-Canadians during WWII.
This series is scheduled to start Wednesday, January 14, 1998. Check your local TV listings