Thursday, May 03, 2012

Help save Library & Archives Canada!

Library & Archives Canada, the instituation charged with preserving Canada's history, is facing massive budget cuts.

This will have a huge impact not just on today's genealogists, historians and researchers, but long lasting effects on preserving our present for the future.

Many collections will be destroyed as there is no place to store the documents. LAC is also cutting many services that are vital to researchers including Inter-Library Loan.

This is a devastating blow to genealogists and it's up to us to fight this ruling and help preserve the collections and services offered by Library & Archives Canada.

Not that long ago we won the fight to retain access to Canada's post 1901 census records, by coming together in support of Library & Archives Canada we can make a difference!

What you can do:
Do you know of other ways we can help preserve Canada's history and access to it?  Please leave a comment.

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