Thursday, June 17, 2010

OntarioGenWeb Updates

The following pages have been updated:
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    Glengarry County
    New links added
  •  Added genealogies of: The Banker Macdonells, The Bethune's, The Dr. Blacklock Family, The Cashions, Alex Chisholm of Kerrow, The Curry Family of Curry Hill, The Dingwall family, The Drummond Family, The Fraser of Fraser's Point, The Gunn Family, John Roy Grant, Kennedy Family, MacLeod of Kirkhill, McLaren of Williamstown, McMartin Family, Murdoch McPherson Family
  •  Added picture pages: St. Raphael's Church Ruins & Cemetery (Pictures), St. Catherine of Sienna, Greenfield (Pictures), Selection of Military and group pictures, John MacKinnon the Weaver written by Hughina MacKinnon, 1979

    Lanark County
    Lanark County is rolling along, getting busyer and busyer, approx 1526 hits.
    Up-dates; Queries: surnames of Dorning, Pack\Peck and Downing.

    Russell County
    Since the last report, the web site had 142 visitors [33970]. During the calendar month of May, this GenWeb site was viewed 202 times. Twelve new queries were posted [1040].